What is a village

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Italian Village
A sign from the French embassy (the name of the village)
an overview of SHA2017 (but it was not fully built at the time of the photo
Belgium embassy (name of the village) at OHM2013

What is a village?

A village is a group of people who want to camp together and organise themselves more or less. Sometimes a village also wants to organise or display sub-events or hackspaces/townhalls for their village. Some villages might setup a small datacenter, hack-tent, fancy lights, a place to have workshops/talks, etc.

How do I get/make one?

Organise yourselves, find out with how many people you want to have your village, what you want to do in your village. How much space you -need-. etc. Then make a village page on the wiki. If you have any questions on what is possible or want to do something big/special. Contact us.

Most of the stuff you will probably need to organise yourself, but we can help out in regards to placement, power, network, space, etc.

Can we rent tents via you? How much do they cost?

Examples of villages

De Waag Instituut

A big village

list of villages at sha2017

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