Providing a platform for assemblies and individuals[edit]

to show off their PV installation or DC power grid could be a good motivator. Don't forget to calculate the impact of shipping the powergenerators, to power a camp you would need a lot fo trucks full of solar panels, diesel is currently the best option with the total co2 emissions. 

Altpwr project[edit]

The power grid: enabler or bottleneck in the energy transition? #clisciety => Package for dynamical modeling of power grids . Wind energy plants.

gadjets Portland now generates electricity from turbines installed in city water pipes

For the Cost of an iPhone, You Can Now Buy a Wind Turbine That Can Power Your Entire Home for a Lifetime Student Treks to Yellowstone and Finds Bacteria That Eats Pollution and ‘Breathes’ Electricity Special Bacteria is Found to be a ‘Battery’ That Turns Sewage Waste into Clean Hydrogen Energy


2020 VISION: Wide public support for rapid replacement of gasoline & diesel by convertingengines to run on water taken from the air. Eliminating fuel cost! In addition to the savings,a welcome new source of income for vehicle owners: Selling electricity when parked. H2 Global demonstrates to worldwide visitors that engines can be converted easily and cheaply to run on97% water instead of gasoline (soon 100%). Once commercialized, car owners anywhere on the planet maydrive to a conversion station in the morning and drive out on water in the evening. The water comes fromhumidity in the air.Using a 4" cube containing electronics, no more than 4 watts of electricity makes water nanobubbles or fogparticles, convert to microscopic ball lightning. When subjected to a plasma - abrupt electric discharge for afew milliseconds - thousands of tiny plasmoids manifest a huge anomalous force on the piston. The plas-moids self-accelerate. The behavior mimics a thunderclap, turning water into a more powerful fuel thangasoline.

Physicist Moray King in his book: WATER - The Key to New Energy . Fractional Hydrogen (often known as hydrinos) produced by the plasma, may provide an alternative expla-nation. For more about fractional Hydrogen see Brett H olverstott’s book: Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy. Fractional Hydrogen can allow a barrel of water to release 200 times the energy in a barrelof oil. H2 Global’s

patented technology reflects hard-to-believe, but very real, new science.It is not electrolysis!Learn more at MOVING BEYOND OIL on this website.Fit a larger alternator & water fueled vehicles can sell electricity when suitably parked, by wide use of exist-ing technology. Millions of cars, trucks, buses & trains selling power will signal the end of any need for coal,natural gas or nuclear power plants.

A little more about water as fuel and other Green Swans is provided below. For example,engines that need no fuel and can provide inexpensive power 24/7/365. Starting asEmergency Generators, these engines can scale to provide a faster, simpler, cheaper,continuous alternative to intermittent wind and solar photovoltaics. See NO FUEL PISTONENGINES on this site.The Green Swan approach promises to cut several years off of the era of fossil fuels.This is a missing key to an urgently needed rapid revolution in the energy economy.The science is disruptive and not yet accepted by the mainstream scientific community.Later in 2020 a large RV will begin a trip across the nation running on water - taken from thehumidity in the air. It will never have to refuel.

But the hope is to eventually match the energy density of lithium ion batteries. “If so, this technology is way cheaper than lithium ion batteries,” D’Arcy said. “It would be a different world and you would not hear the words ‘lithium ion battery’ again.”

Carbon emissions[edit]

  • offset the emissions from the event (either only the emissions of the event itself, or also include the emissions from the participants. The latter option is much more data-intensive and leads to higher emissions to be offset.
  • encourage people to travel by train and not by plane
  • ticket + carbon compensation- 100 kg CO2 per person, which seams feasible to compensate. The emmissions are mostly coming from traveling. A voluntary model so that everone can decide during the booking to compensate or not.
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