Talks / Workshops

  • Textile We create high quality fabrics starting from the hundreds of thousands of tons of by-product that the citrus processing industry produces each year and which otherwise should be disposed of, with costs for the citrus juice industry and the environment. Rotterdam


How to make biodegradable 'plastic' from cactus juice

  • energy =

Teresa van Dongen’s Mud Well light uses microorganisms to create electricity - IBM’s Lithium-Ion Battery Uses Seawater Materials Instead Of Heavy Metals, Charges In Just 5 Minutes Network Polymer Battery Is Self Healing and Long Lasting The Anti-Solar Panel – A Device That Generates Electricity From Darkness



refrigerator for food from marocco made from clay

marrocan refrigerator no need for energy

ART - restorative design / humanity will become extinct. We need to desing an elegant ending addresses invasive plants not as things to be cast-off, but rather as potential assets to our communities

Emotional support

  1. Climate crisis and collapse of civilisation
  2. Having to deal with the vicious, murderous greed of the default culture is emotionally taxing. We need to both offer and receive assurances that there are people who will help us and offer what comfort they have.
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